ASP Airweight Talon Disc Loc Baton

ASP Airweight Talon Disc Loc Baton


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The ASP Talon Airweight baton is a revolutionary new design from ASP that couples functionality with lightweight design. The Standard Talon baton is made of 4140 Steel; The Airweight Talon combines the light weight benifits of 7075 Grade Aluminum with 4140 Steel.

The handle and inner shafts of the Airweight Talon are made of Aluminum and the outer shaft of 4140 Steel. With this design the 21" baton weighs almost a half pound less than its steel counterpart.

With the ASP Talon baton you can open it with either a flick of your wrist or pull it open with your hand. This is especially beneficial in tight/ close quarter situations. To close the Talon baton you depress the button at the base of the handle and push the tip against any surface. Closing the baton can be easily done with only one hand!

Choose your Handle Closure Style

You can chose from Button or Cap closure. With the button style you press the button in the middle of the endcap to release the lock. With the Endcap style you press the entire cap in to close.

The ASP Airweight Talon baton is simple in design, strong, durable and can be rapidly deployed. The ASP standard of quality is well known in the law enforcement industry. The Talon baton adds to this reputation with its elegant design, quality workmanship and flawless function.

Note: The expanded length is a little shorter than the models named length.

Closed Length
Open Length
40cm Air Talon 7.06″ 40cm 16" 9.6 oz
50cm Air Talon 8.25″ 50cm 20" 11.5 oz
60cm Air Talon 9.63″ 60cm 24" 13.4 oz

Additional information

Weight 0.70 lbs
Choose Handle

Button, Cap

Choose Length

16, 21, 26

9 reviews for ASP Airweight Talon Disc Loc Baton

  1. 5 out of 5

    Both the ASP Talon Disc Loc Baton and the ASP Airweight Talon Baton (18 inches) are exceptional products. They extend and retract very smoothly and are nicely balanced and weighted. I also own a similar Monadnock baton, but the ASP mechanism is superior.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Top notch customer service, top notch product. Thanks

  3. 5 out of 5

    Everything was great,.. thanks

  4. 5 out of 5

    This is a review and comparison of three 26″ products, all of which I rate as five star depending on the application: the “default” steel black chrome friction-loc, the steel Talon disc-loc, and the aluminum Airweight Talon disc-loc. All are incredible quality. I do not work in law enforcement; we just moved next door to a farm and often see coyotes in our yard and on jogging trails nearby so I purchased these for general home defense use.

    The steel friction-loc is the model issued to police departments worldwide. It means business and it works exactly as advertised. If you are not trying to be discreet and just need maximum power, this is it. Because of the weight, this model is really designed to be kept in a scabbard on a duty belt. It is too heavy to comfortably carry in a pocket. The major drawback of this model is that it really takes practice and a concrete or asphalt surface to retract. I’ve been practicing for weeks and I only manage to successfully retract it about half of the time. You really need to slam it into the ground HARD. I tried to show my wife how to retract it but she laughed and said “yeah right”. She will never use this.

    The steel Talon disc-loc weighs about the same as the friction-loc and probably has 99% of the striking force, but it is MUCH more convenient. The button works great. You have to hold the button down really hard and ASP knows what they’re doing, I doubt anyone would ever accidentally retract this while in use. This model is actually 24″ long and it is a bit wider than the friction-loc. Again, because of the weight, this is not optimal to carry in a pocket. My guess is the reason police use the friction-loc is because the disc-loc is more expensive.

    I initially purchased the aluminum Airweight Talon disc-loc for my wife thinking I would prefer the steel, but after several weeks I have decided the aluminum is my personal favorite. According to ASP it maintains 98% of the striking force of the steel yet it is far lighter. The weight seems to be concentrated in the tip which I suppose is what gives it the striking force. It is black and looks exactly like the steel model. When rapidly extended, it makes the same authoritative “clack-CLACK” sound as the steel ones. It can be carried in a pocket without issue. Also, because of the lighter weight, I can swing this many times without feeling any fatigue whereas with the steel ones my arm gets tired after 3-4 swings. Given that my intended target is aggressive wild animals that tend to be quick, I like having the ability to swing repeatedly.

    Overall you can’t go wrong with any full-size ASP baton, but for civilian use my overall recommendation is the Airweight Talon. Sure, it’s not as heavy as the steel, but it is still an incredibly potent defensive tool.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Very light but still very effective. Excellent over all.

  6. 5 out of 5

    I bought this to ward off any aggressive dogs when I take my dog walking or to the dog park. I want to have more than harsh words and bare hands to break up a dog fight. I am very pleased with the quality of the ASP Airweight Disc Loc Baton. The biggest plus for me is the push button closing. Most of the time I am in grassy areas without hard surfaces to strike the end against for closing. The lighter carrying weight is a plus also.

  7. 5 out of 5

    Even through the baton is light weight, you can really tell it is still quality material and still pack a punch!

  8. 5 out of 5

    I used to own a friction lock but it was always difficult to collapse it sometimes. This makes it so much easier and it feels sturdy enough, even though its made from aluminum and not stainless steel

  9. 5 out of 5

    Very good ASP baton I will buy more baton in the future.

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