ASP Tactical Batons

  • We are an Authorized ASP Baton Dealer. You can shop with confidence!

  • Police will choose the ASP above any other Baton. It is made in the US and is the best impact weapon available. Although there are cheaper batons available that are produced in Taiwan, Korea, Japan and India. None of these meet the specifications established by major Federal Law Enforcement and military organizations.

  • Before purchasing a baton you need to make sure it is legal in your state. An internet search regarding baton laws or a call to your local Police Department can save you the trouble of sending it back.

  • ASP is continually adding more products to their line. Some of the more recent additions are designed to be more low profile than the standard police versions, and better suited for civilians. You can refer to our synopsis to help you distinguish between the different styles and grips available.

  • Batons are a very effective psychological deterrent. The friction loc batons require a sharp snapping motion of the wrist to expand, and to retract you bring the tip straight down on a hard surface such as asphalt or concrete.