ASP Talon Disc Loc Baton

ASP Talon Disc Loc Baton

ASP Talon Disc Loc Baton

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Product Details

The ASP Talon baton is here to set a new standard in the world of baton defense technology. The standard ASP batons open with the flick of your wrist and close by bringing the tip down on a hard surface to break the friction lock.

With the ASP Talon baton you can open it with either a flick of your wrist or pull it open with your hand. This is especially beneficial in tight/ close quarter situations. To close the talon baton you depress the button at the base of the handle and push the tip against any surface. Closing the baton is easily done with only one hand!

Choose your Handle Closure Style

You can chose from Button or Cap closure. With the button style you press the button in the middle of the endcap to release the lock. With the Endcap style you press the entire cap in to close.

The ASP Talon baton is simple in design, strong, durable and can be rapidly deployed. The ASP standard of quality is well known in the law enforcement industry. The Talon baton adds to this reputation with its elegant design, quality workmanship and flawless function.

Note: The expanded length is a little shorter than the models named length.

Closed Length
Open Length
16" Talon 7.06" 15.75" 16.3 oz
21"Talon 8.25" 19.68" 18.3 oz
26"Talon 9.63" 23.62" 21.4 oz